December 2016 Minutes

December 2016 Minutes





December 12, 2016


The Monthly Meeting of the Housing Authority of the City of Middletown was held at the Middletown Housing Authority Board Room, 150 William Street, Middletown, Connecticut on Monday , December 12, 2016.

Chairman Noglow called the meeting to order at 5:04 p.m. and called the roll.

PRESENT:  Evan Noglow, Chairman, Sebastian Santacroce, Vice Chairman; Phil Cacciola, Commissioner

ALSO PRESENT: William Vasiliou, Secretary; Tom Guzzi, Financial Manager; John Rumberger, Facilities Manager; John Boccalatte, Esq.

ABSENT: Izzy Greenberg, Commissioner, Senova Stone, Commissioner (excused absence)



APPROVAL OF MINUTES: On motion by Commissioner Cacciola, seconded by Vice Chairman Santacroce, It was unanimously voted to approve the minutes of the August 8, 2016 meeting.

On motion by Vice Chairman Santacroce seconded by Commissioner Cacciola, It was unanimously voted to approve the minutes of the September 12, 2016, the October 11, 2016 and the November 14, 2016 meetings

APPROVAL OF BILLS:  On motion by Vice Chairman Santacroce, seconded by Commissioner Cacciola; it was unanimously voted to approve the bills as submitted.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: Secretary Vasiliou reported on 11/30/16 A/R which shows decreases of $31.60 for Conn 9-2, and $37.47 for E 101; increases of $462.28 for Conn 9-3, $1128.10 for Conn 9-4, $1.85 for Conn 9-5 and $13932.03 for State Family( due to semiannual water bills) were also noted.  Overall an excellent month in receivables.

LEGAL ACTION: Attorney Boccalatte stated his 11/30/16 report shows low activity on new files and slow in cases opened. It was a very good month in collections of vacated accounts.

FINANCIAL:  Mr. Guzzi reported that he will  present the budget at the next meeting and               requested that the meeting be held in the MHA conference room so that he may have use of the SmartBoard.

SECTION 8: 863 Section 8 units are in place as of 11/8/16. Sect. Vasiliou also reported that MHA issued a Request for Proposal for project basing Sec. 8 vouchers and has received proposals from Columbus House with regards to the Mary Shepard Home.  Sec. 8 is pleased to participate and assist in this endeavor.

PERSONNEL:  Mr. Vasiliou announced the retirement of Jane Defrancesco and Pat Kurek.  Stephen Kish has been offered a promotional opportunity and will assume the position of Section 8 Coordinator.   A number of applications for the accounting position have been received.

MAINTENANCE: 190 work orders were completed in November.

MODERNIZATION: TS: Updated payrolls have been received and as built drawings arrived. Awaiting final documentation from architect. Installation is 100% complete on Marino Manor roofs/windows. Twenty four (24) bathroom renovations have been completed at MT.

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SHRP MR: CHFA punchlist on Santangelo is complete. Rockwood Acres underway and interior /exterior in progress on completing 15 buildings on Rogers Rd;   Sbona Switchgear, Parking, Entry System and Greenhouse Roofs : short listed firms have been identified.

OLD BUSINESS: Mr. Vasiliou reported that a lease has been signed by new tenant for old Senior Center and improvements will begin upon receipt of tenant funds.

NEW BUSINESS: The Commission was advised on a base rent change for MR and E101 effective 2017. A sample of the tenant letter was reviewed.  The public hearing for comments on the proposed base rent change was conducted and one (1) resident presented comments.

Mr. Vasiliou submitted and the commission reviewed a letter from the Surety company in connection with the MR project.

There being no further business to come before the Commission, on motion by Commissioner Cacciola, seconded by Vice Chairman Santacroce, it was unanimously voted to adjourn the monthly meeting at 5:59 p.m.


William Vasiliou