Meeting Minutes – December 12, 2011

Meeting Minutes – December 12, 2011



DECEMBER 12, 2011

The Monthly Meeting of the Housing Authority of the City of Middletown was held at the Senior Center Meeting Room, 150 William Street, Middletown, Connecticut on Monday, December 12, 2011.

Chairman Osborne called the meeting to order at 5:02 p.m. and called the roll.

PRESENT: Evan Noglow, Vice Chairman; Sebastian J. Santacroce, Treasurer;  Izzi Greenberg, Commissioner

ALSO PRESENT:  William Vasiliou, Secretary; Thomas Guzzi, Financial Manager; John Rumberger, Facilities Manager; John Boccalatte, Esq.

ABSENT: Lee Osborne, Chairman; Lois Carreiro, Commissioner;  (excused absence.)



APPROVAL OF MINUTES: On motion by Commissioner Greenberg, seconded by Commissioner Santacroce; it was unanimously voted to approve the minutes of the November 14, 2011 meeting as submitted. Commissioner Santacroce abstained from the vote. 

APPROVAL OF BILLS: On motion by Commissioner Greenberg,  seconded by Commissioner Santacroce; it was unanimously voted to approve the bills as submitted.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: Secretary Vasiliou reported on 11/30/2011 A/R  which shows increases of $51.61 for Conn 9-2 and $106.35 for Conn 9-3, $1,634.35 for Conn 9-4, $22.37 Conn 9-5, $6,398.49 for MR and $28.50 for Marino Manor.

LEGAL ACTION: Attorney Boccalatte stated his 11/30/2011 report shows that 5 summary process cases were filed and $184.96 was collected on vacated accounts.

FINANCIAL: Mr. Guzzi informed the Board of proposed rent increases in the base rent amounts at both the Ct St family and elderly complexes effective April 1, 2012. Base rents at Marino Manor will increase $10.00 per month and base rents at Moderate Rental will increase $20.00 per month. Residents will have the opportunity to submit written or verbal comments on these increases up until the January 2012 monthly meeting to be held January 9th. The proposed rental increases and current management plans will then be submitted to CHFA for approval.

SECTION 8: 732 Section 8 units were under lease as of 12/1/2011. The Carabetta conversion work continues. As of December 2011, 37 Carabetta units have been leased.

Mr. Vasiliou reported that the Section 8 waiting list will possibly be opened for applications in February 2012. He expects to pull approximately 1200 names from the applications submitted. He is investigating alternative ways of processing the volume of anticipated applications.


MAINTENANCE: 140 work orders were completed in November. Vacancy prep continues at all complexes. Storm cleanup continues at the MR Complex. 

MODERNIZATION: Sbona Tower: Lower roof prep is complete. Material for both roofs will be delivered 12/13/2011. MT: JD & D Construction began on units 17-28. TS: Window replacement job is progressing smoothly. Approximately 1/2 the complex has been completed.


NEW BUSINESS: Mr. Vasiliou presented copies of the annual plan that MHA is required to send to HUD every year. He asked that commissioners review it before the next monthly meeting as its acceptance will be voted on at that time.
There being no further business to come before the Commission, on motion by Commissioner Greenberg, seconded by Commissioner Santacroce; it was unanimously voted to adjour the Regular meeting at 5:32 p.m.


William Vasiliou