Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2011

Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2011



SEPTEMBER 12, 2011

The Monthly Meeting of the Housing Authority of the City of Middletown was held at the Senior Center Meeting Room, 150 William Street, Middletown, Connecticut on Monday, September 12, 2011.

Chairman Osborne called the meeting to order at 5:05 p.m. and called the roll.

PRESENT: Lee Osborne, Chairman; Evan Noglow, Vice Chairman (late); Lois Carreiro, Commissioner; Izzi Greenberg, Commissioner.

ALSO PRESENT:  William Vasiliou, Secretary; Thomas Guzzi, Financial Manager; John Rumberger, Facilities Manager; 

ABSENT: Sebastian J. Santacroce, Treasurer; (exused absence.)



APPROVAL OF MINUTES: On motion by Commissioner Carreiro, seconded by Commissioner Greenberg; it was unanimously voted to approve the minutes of the August 8, 2011 meeting as submitted. Commissioner Greenberg abstained from the vote. 

APPROVAL OF BILLS: On motion by Commissioner Carreiro, seconded by Commissioner Greenberg; it was unanimously voted to approve the bills as submitted.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: Secretary Vasiliou reported on 8/31/11 A/R  which shows increases of $2,356.72 for Conn 9-3 and $1,560.04 for MR.  Net decreases of $1,971.06 for Conn 9-2, $919.85 for Conn 9-4, $10.00 for Conn 9-5 and $38.00 for E101 were also noted.

LEGAL ACTION: Secretary Vasiliou stated the legal report dated 8/31/2011 shows 9 summary process, 1 wage attachment, 1 marshall fee for small claims service and 1 small claims case were started and $787.18 was collected on vacated accounts.

FINANCIAL: Mr. Guzzi reported that Liberty Bank has requested updated signatories for all commissioners. Forms were signed and returned to him.

SECTION 8: 722 Section 8 units were under lease as of 9/1/2011. Spending is at 107%, partially duet to the current economic conditions. MHA Section 8 program has adequate HAP reserves to cover this overage. The average HAP payment has decreased this month due to a re-evaluation and implementation of a revised utility schedule.

Mr. Vasiliou reported that they are continuting the conversion of the Carabetta properties off subsidy to the MHA Enhanced Voucher Program. This will result in approximately +500 vouchers being added to the MHA program. The waiting list will be opened in January/February 2012 and approximately 2000 names will be placed on the waiting list through a lottery system.


MAINTENANCE: 170 work orders were completed in August. HUD has scheduled a REAC physical inspection of MHA properties for September 27, 2011. A random sampling of 10% of the federal units will be inspected under the PHAS system. CHFA conducted random physical inspections of the state complexes on August 11, 2011. MHA received a positive report on their findings and excellent feedback from the residents.

Mr. Rumberger reported that MHA properties received no physcial damages due to Hurrican Irene. We did sustain tree damage and electrical outages however.
MODERNIZATION: Sbona upper main roof and lower roof bids are due 9/30/2011. MT: final drawings for the re-roofing project are being readied and are due by 10/7/2011. TS: Contract was signed for the window replacement project. Approximately 400 windows will be installed. Measureing will begin 9/12/2011.

OLD BUSINESS: Mr. Vasiliou reported that the bulbs have been replaced in the lighting at Spear Park and ballasts have been ordered by the City. He has received positive feedback from residents concerning the park makeover. The Historical Society is once again using their ground for outdoor activities.

He also reported that he attended the Moderate Rental Reunion organized by former residents that was held in August at the Italian American Club. He gave guided tours of several vacant units and a picnic was held in the afternoon. Approximately 70-80 former residents attended. The consensus was to hold another reunion in future years.

NEW BUSINESS: Mr. Vasiliou reporated that an exit conference for the Annual Audit will be held tomorrow. The Board will receive copies of the report for their review at the next monthly meeting.

There being no further business to come before the Commission, on motion by Commissioner Carreiro, seconded by Commissioner Noglow; it was unanimously voted to adjour the Regular meeting at 5:45 p.m.


William Vasiliou