Meeting Minutes – September 14, 2015

Meeting Minutes – September 14, 2015



September 14, 2015

The Monthly Meeting of the Housing Authority of the City of Middletown was held at Middletown Housing Authority Board Room,150 William Street, Middletown, Connecticut on Monday, September 14, 2015.

Chairman Noglow called the meeting to order at 5:07 p.m. and called the roll.

PRESENT:  Evan Noglow, Chairman; Sebastian Santacroce, Vice Chairman; Izzy Greenberg, Commissioner; Phil Cacciola, Commissioner

ALSO PRESENT:  William Vasiliou, Secretary; Tom Guzzi, Financial Manager; John Rumberger, Facilities Manager; John Boccalatte, Esq.

ABSENT: Senova Stone, Commissioner; (excused absence)

PUBLIC SESSION: A resident discussed several concerns at Sbona Tower. Mr. Rumberger will address them.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: On motion by Commissioner Cacciola, seconded by Vice Chairman Santacroce; it was unanimously voted to approve the minutes of the August 10, 2015 meeting.

On motion by Commissioner Caciola, seconded by Commissioner Greenber; it was unanimously voted to approve the minutes of the July 13, 2015.

On motion by Commissioner Greenberg, seconded by Commissioner Cacciola; it was unanimously voted to approve the minutes of the June 30, 2015 special meeting.

APPROVAL OF BILLS: On motion by Vice Chairman Santacroce, seconded by Commissioner Cacciola; it was unanimously voted to approve the bills as submitted.

ACCOUNT RECEIVABLE: Secretary Vasiliou reported on 8/31/2015 A/R which shows decreases of $434.15 for Conn 9-2, $1,564.08  for Conn 9-3, $2,602.21 for Conn 9-4, $.43 for Conn 9-5, and $8.00 for E101. A net increase of $4,096.46 for MR was also noted.

LEGAL ACTION: Attorney Boccalatte stated his 8/31/15 report shows 9 summary process actions and 2 wage attachments started and $157.00 collected on vacated accounts.

FINANCIAL: Mr. Guzzi reported that the annual audit is continuing and will be completed soon.

SECTION 8: 854 Section 8 units were under lease as of 9/1/15. Mr. Vasiliou reported that briefings will be held in October and November at which approximately 50 vouchers each will be released to applicants on the waiting list. The waiting list is scheduled to be opened sometime in early 2016.

PERSONNEL: Mr. Vasiliou introduced Lori Vasi who will be assuming the duties of public housing manager upon the retirement of Karen Brown. The Board thanked kare for her 24+ years of service to the housing authority.

MAINTENANCE: 214 work orders were completed in August. Vacancy prep continues.

MODERNIZATION: TS: Roof replacement project bids were extened to September 10, 2015. The apparent low bider was WPI Construction fro Webster, MA. The architect will verify the bid. Crest Mechanical was the apparent low bidder for the boiler room replacement. Contract signing took place Sept. 10, 2015. Work is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving will minimal disruption to tenants. Nosal Builders was the apparent low bidder on the sidewalk repair project. Contract signing should take place the week of Sept. 14, 2015. SHRP/MR: Electrical upgrades project is complete. Lien waivers have been received. MHA awaiting final documentation. The windows/siding/roof project is still on hold. Awaiting latest architect punch list reports.

OLD BUSINESS: Mr. Vasiliou reported that he continues to receive interest in the Spear Park property from various entities. Mr. Vasiliou and Andrew Daniels, consultant, are continuing to research the necessary information to be HUD compliant with the development of this property.

NEW BUSINESS: On motion by Commissioner Caciola, seconded by Vice Chairman Santacroce, it was voted to enter into Executive Session at 5:59 PM to discuss pending legal claims regarding the current snow removal contract. Commissioners required Attorney Boccalatte and staff member John Rumberger to attend the session. On motion by Vice Charman Santacroce, seconded by Commissioner Cacciola, it was voted to return to the monthly meeting at 6:32 P.M.


Whereas, the Authority and ECM, Inc. (“Contracto”) have entered into a certain agreement and supplementary documentation (together “Contract”) in connection with Snow Removal Services for the Housing Authority of the City of Middletown

Whereas, the Authority has determined that it is in the best interest of the Authority to terminate the contract and also that there is reasonable cause to terminate the contract

It is hereby RESOLVED:

That the Executive Director is futher directed and authorized to consult with counsel and to take such actions as the Executive Directro deems or determines to be reasonably necessary to protect the interests of the Authority; provided, however, that this authorization shall not include the direction or authority to executed any release of the Authority’s rights under the Contract, nor the Authority to enter into any new agreement, without in each caseobtaining further direction from the Authority.

There being no further business to come before the Commission, on motion by Commissioner Cacciola, seconded by Commissioner Greenberg; it was unanimously voted to adjourn the monthly meeting at 6:35 p.m.

William Vasiliou