Public Housing


What is Public Housing?

Public housing was established to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Public housing comes in all sizes and types, from scattered single family houses to high-rise apartments for elderly families. There are millions of households living in public housing units, managed by some 3,300 housing authorities. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) administrators federal aid to local housing agencies (HAs) that manage the housing for low-income residents at rents they can afford. HUD furnishes technical and professional assistance in planning, developing and managing these developments.

Who is Eligible?

The Middletown Housing Authority determines your eligibility based on: (1) annual gross income, (2) U.S. citizenship or eligible immigration status and (3) other screening criteria.

How Do I Apply?

If you are interested in applying for public housing, you may contact the Middletown Housing Authority. If you have trouble contacting the Housing Agency, contact the local HUD Field Office.

Will I Need To Produce any Documentation?

Yes. The Housing Authority representative will request whatever documentation is needed (e.g. birth certificate, tax returns to verify the information given on your application.) All information must be provided in writing. The PHA will also rely on direct verification from your employer, etc. You will be asked to sign a form to authorize release of pertinent information to the PHA.

When Will I Be Notified?

The HA has to provide written notification. If the HA determines that you are eligible, your name will be put on a waiting list, unless the HA is able to assist you immediately. Once your name is reached on the waiting list, the HA will contact you. If it is determined that you are ineligible, the HA must say why and, if you wish, you can request an informal hearing.

If you are offered an apartment and accept it, you will have to sign a lease with the HA. You may have to give the HA a security deposit. You and the HA representative should go over the lease together. This will give you a better understanding of your responsibilities as a tenant and the HA’s responsibilities as a landlord.

How Is Rent Determined?

Based on your application and verification of the information provided, the HA representative will determine household annual income and deductions. The appropriate current formula for eligible complexes would then be applied to determine gross rent.

How Long Can I Stay In Public Housing?

In general, you may stay in public housing as long as you comply with the lease.