September 2019 Minutes

September 2019 Minutes


September 9, 2019

The Monthly Meeting of the Housing Authority of the City of Middletown was held at the Middletown Housing Authority Conference Room, 40, Broad St. 1st floor Middletown, CT 06457 on Monday, September 9, 2019.

Chairman Noglow called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. and called the roll.

PRESENT: Evan Noglow, Chairman; Vice Chairman Santacroce; Phil Cacciola, Commissioner; Commissioner; Larry Riley, Commissioner; Senova Stone, Commissioner.

ALSO PRESENT: William Vasiliou, Secretary; Christine Juraska, Financial Manager; John Rumberger, Facilities Manager, Jason Lewellyn, Esq.




APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  On motion by Commissioner Cacciola, seconded Vice Chairman Santacroce; it was unanimously voted to approve the minutes of the August 12, 2019 meeting.

APPROVAL OF BILLS: On motion by Vice Chairman Santacroce, seconded by Commissioner Cacciola, it was unanimously voted to approve the bills as submitted.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: Secretary Vasiliou reported on the 8/31/19 A/R which shows a decrease of $2585.40 for Conn 9-2; an increase of $773.09 for Conn 9-3, a decrease of $2532.61 for Conn 9-4, an increase of $79.00 for Conn 9-5, a decrease of $1385.63 for Conn State family, and a decrease of $6.02 for E-101.

LEGAL ACTION: Attorney Lewellyn reported on the 8/30/19 report. There were 4 new Summary Process case opened and 3 went to judgement by stipulation this month. The collection total was $883.41.

FINANCIAL: Ms. Jurascka informed the board that the auditors are on site and will be here through this week.

SECTION 8:   Mr. Vasiliou reported that as of 9/5/19 there are 831 Section 8 units in place and the average HAP payment is $782.59. An ad was published notifying of the opening of the wait list. An outside company will process the pre-applications and an automated system will randomly select 800 names to be added to waitlist.

PERSONNEL: MHA is advertising for a maintenance position.

MAINTENANCE: 179 work orders completed in August.

MODERNIZATION: Paving: Maplewood and Traverse paving of selected areas complete. Parking lines striped as well in those lots. Sbona Parking Lot Gate: Gates installed and operational. Phasing in once we distribute gate reader stickers to residents. (Sbona Roof): Contractor walkthrough on 9/10 @10am. Bids due Sept. 27 @3:30. Ads in papers and CT DAS Biz Net on line system. Warranty contractor arrived on 9/4 but left due to Garland Rep. not showing up to advise on defect areas for

repair. Sbona Elevators: A/E walkthrough on 9/4. Fee and Estimate Proposals due Sept. 19.

Radio Repeater/Antenna: Norcom advised all systems moving to digital and no longer support aged analog on Sbona roof. Pricing new repeater and radios for maintenance staff/office.


NEW BUSINESS: Charles IT has exercised the option for the 2nd floor, and has moved in on Sept 1.


There being no further business to come before the Commission, on motion by Vice Chairman Santacroce, seconded by Commissioner Cacciola, it was unanimously voted to adjourn the monthly meeting at 5:32 p.m.


William Vasiliou